Seven belgian generous cyclists in pilgrimage to Jerusalem

Mary is the heart of the Church
10 June 2013
Holy Rosary with various marian shrines
16 October 2013

The Cardinal Edwin O’ Brien, Grand Master of the order of Holy Sepulchre and Agostino Borromeo General Governor have received in Rome, september 5th, past, six Belgian pilgrims, in the street, towards Jerusalem.They have left Bruxelles, they’ve already traveled about 2000 Km…by bike!
`The seventh will reach us to Istanbul`, specifys Ghislain della Faille, one of the two members of the order, that takes part in this great adventure.` You are brave and generous, i thank you for the testimony that you give, for the moral and material support of the christians of the Holy Land, especially to those people that you meet on the road`, the grand master said to those sporty pilgrims, before to bless them with the heart.
` The initiative was born on the occasion of the year of Faith, to cause some donations, for the Orphanage in Bethlehem`, Daniel Von Steenberghe said, that kindly, guide the pilgrimages of the Belgian Lieutenancy in the Holy Land and it’s at the origin of the project.
At the biginning of September 2013 they already collected, 73.000 euro, Especially with the Rotary competition.
They’ ll travel about 70 Km per day, the cyclists pilgrims will have to reach the destination at the biginning of November, after they’ve pedalered about 5600 Kmin total..Their many friends follow day by day the story of the laps on internet : http// `We especially tell about the welcome in the Lieutenancy, as in Tuscany, for example, with pictures, so we remain in communion, more direct,with the donors and also with all those who have spiritually supported our pilgrimage, several thousand visits were counted, while we aren’ t yet in the middle of the way`. Richard Lambert writes. One of the seven witnesses of Faith, he was received at the grand Magister, two steps to Sain Peter square with deep gratitude and admiration.

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